Who We Are

Y-HAMMERit? TURNS 10 on June 3, 2013!

Y-HAMMERit? Cycling was founded in 2003, when Bonnie moved to Sarasota (from NYC) and met Yarnall while out riding on Longboat Key.

They became fast friends and enjoyed riding together. Yarnall taught Bonnie how to spin and paceline.

Bonnie & Yarnall

Bonnie & Yarnall

The name Y-HAMMERit? came about after Bonnie saw a cool jersey with just 3 letters on it. The name Y-HAMMERit? = Y for Yarnall, HAMMER for Bonnie Hammer’s last name and it refers to cycling.

‘The List’ was created to stay in touch after daylight savings time came to and end. At first, the cycleletter was emailed once a week, then, once a month, and finally it was updated with the changing of the four seasons.

After 10 years of cycling in and around Sarasota and 4 years of teaching social media and computer skills to students of all ages – Bonnie decided it was time to create a cycling blog for her cycling friends and lovers of the great outdoors.

Y = Yarnall
HAMMER = Hammer
it = cycling



  • Julie London  On June 1, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    I like!!! Judy Robertson will like this blog, too.

Any favorite rides or happenings to share?

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